New and Naive to the Whole “Abroad” Thing

I have now had Copenhagen under my belt for a week. So naturally, I think I’ve got this place down. From street names to biking to maneuvering this ridiculously confusing city…I’ve got it… Continue reading

Facebook Buys Out Instagram

The mobile device application Instagram has become one of the most creative and popular apps around today for smartphone users. I can vouch for this as I am also a frequent Instagram user… Continue reading

Revolutionizing communication or just invading personal privacy?

There’s obviously a tremendous amount of of good that has risen from the Facebook phenomena within our society. It has made for better communication between people and has grown to incorporate business, advertising,… Continue reading

How the LIKE button has changed the world of business

A majority of what comes up on our newsfeeds consists of mobile uploads, status updates, comments on pictures, conversations between friends, or LIKES. The particular piece of newsfeed I would like to narrow… Continue reading

Why exactly has Facebook become so innovative?

It’s a pretty well known fact that Facebook has indeed become the greatest social media of our time, but people often just accept the notion rather than questioning why. If one took the… Continue reading

My very first blog! Let the discussion begin on the incredibly popular, socially suffocating, but terribly addicting company of FACEBOOK.

The assignment given to us by our professor was to choose some sort of company, brand, magazine, web site, etc. and blog about topics or issues related to our choice. I wanted to… Continue reading