Hi there! My name’s Kensey and I’m from Virginia Beach, Virginia. I’m currently a Senior (what?!) at Elon University, which is in the dead center of North Carolina. Elon lies in the official town of “Burlington”, but to the rest of the world who has no idea what that is (and why should they?), I describe it as being about an hour away from anything slightly more notable- Durham, Raleigh, Greensboro. I study Strategic Communications and Marketing and am slowly figuring out what I want to do with my life, but it’s a definite work in progress. So far I’ve held a marketing internship with Sentara Healthcare and an editorial internship with Thrillist Media Group. But that’s just the beginning! I will be an Account Executive for a student-run Public Relations agency this semester called Live Oak Communications and also part of the Elon Sales Team. The goal is to round up my college career with a big, bold BANG.

Initially this blog was dedicated to a communications course during my sophomore year, but then took a turn towards something a wee bit cooler. Last fall semester I made the bold decision to study ABROAD. That’s right- away from everything comfortable, normal, and easy into a foreign, far away place called Denmark. Copenhagen, Denmark in particular. Why Copenhagen? It offered an amazing Communications program and some real interesting classes. Other than that, I had little knowledge about the country or culture, but was eager to find out what it had to offer. As listed as one of the top places to visit in the world, I feel beyond blessed to have  not only made a life, but a home there.

I’ve also mashed this blog together with an online portfolio of my photography, design, video, writing, and internship experience I’ve done over the past four years. I can’t believe my collegiate years are actually coming to an end, but I can say I’ve definitely racked up some life changing experiences in the process. Please read up on the adventures and check out some of the creative work! Enjoy 🙂