Am I the only one that hadn’t heard of these?? According to my Dad, they were “old news”. Well, regardless of whether they were invented yesterday or a year ago…I was and still am literally fascinated. While discussing what exactly we were going to do our group project on in my social media class, Mitchell suggested modern applications of the web. I thought the topic sounded cool and went along with it and while brainstorming he threw out incorporating Google Goggles. Huhhhhh? There’s such a thing? SHOW ME. He proceeded to youtube a video that highlights the endless potential of such an invention. Imagine wearing glasses that show you everything from what the temperature is outside when you look out your window to where an object is located when you walk into a store. It integrates social media into your vision, making everything you see and do in your daily life easily sharable with the rest of the world. My description doesn’t give it nearly the justice it deserves, so if you’re interested please please please take a look for yourselves:

They blew my mind, and if you’ve never heard of em’…I really hope they blow yours too. My only reservation is the glasses part. That could get a bit annoying. Although I’d probably just deal with it if it meant going about my day like this dude. Hmmm maybe instead of Google Goggles, they’ll come out with Google CONTACTS. Sounds pretty practical to me πŸ™‚