We’ll be seein ya in a couple weeks! ……wait what

Yes, that is indeed what my dad said to me when getting off skype yesterday. How weird is that?! But really…I just got here yesterday. Or at least it feels like it! It’s officially come down to the homestretch with exactly two weeks left in this amazing place I’ve come to call home. I am now savoring every day here like it’s my last and making the most of what will shortly be my past. And while doing so, I thought I might mention a few things I’m gonna miss BIG time….

1. Riding a bike to get everywhere. It’s essentially become my car. Yes, it’s December tomorrow and yes it’s absolutely freezing outside these days but regardless, biking is just simply what you do here. Therefore, driving something on my own that requires gas and a seatbelt and actually SHIELDS you from the wind, rain, and cold has become a totally foreign concept.

2. Hygge. This is so unique to Danish culture. It translates to cozy in English and basically characterizes just about everything here from restaurants and homes to gatherings of friends and family. It has officially become part of my vocabulary these days. If I randomly use it to reference something when I’m back home and then forget to explain, just think lots of candles, fleece blankets and outdoor heaters, comfiness, warmth, happiness 🙂 Even while traveling Europe with Laura we found ourselves constantly saying “Where should we go to dinner tonight? Eh I don’t care. Let’s just find somewhere hyggeeeee.”

3. Copenhagen’s charm. The first week I got here this place seemed ginormous! You remember my post right? Haha getting lost in the maze of streets to the point of tears. Ah looking back I can’t help but laugh. Literally this city is probably one of the smallest, easiest, most manageable cities I’ve ever come across. And of course now that I’ve mastered it to the tee, it’s time to leave. What makes the city of Copenhagen so unique? Most definitely its charm. The cobblestone streets, the colorful old buildings, the hole in the wall cafes, coffee shops, and boutiques everywhere, the twinkling lights strung from one side of the street to the other illuminating the walkways through the shops, the dim lighting of candles glowing through the windows. There are no high rises, no billboards, no fluorescences, no main boulevard with 6 lanes, and no massive car dealerships plopped right in the middle of everything. It’s simple and elegant in a way I can’t begin to describe. I just really wish I could pack it all away and bring it home with me.

4. The insanely motivational trips to the gym. This is no joke. I’m not sure if it’s just the Scandinavian genes or what but like I said before, everyone here is beautiful and fit.  I went to a dance class yesterday at my gym which was amaaaazing!!!!! Joining me in the class were numerous middle-aged moms killin it to Rihanna and Beyonce remixes in their  baggy sweats and high-top nikes. If that’s not motivation…I don’t know what is.

5. The lattes. So expensive, yet UNREAL. I don’t know if it’s what they put in the coffee here or maybe it’s their special way of whipping it up? Whatever it is…all the hype about Danish coffee is 100% legit. It’s smooth, creamy, wonderful, not watery and most definitely puts American coffee to shame.

6. The pastries, NOT danishes. Danish is the culture I currently reside in, not the delicious treat staring at me through the window. Those would be referred to as pastries and every single day I walk by numerous baked goods begging me to come buy them off the shelf. These pastries are some of the butteriest, fluffiest, flakiest, perfectly sweet, most yummiest creations on this planet. Oooooooh how I’ll miss those.

7. The honest way of life. No one jaywalks, everyone buys a transportation ticket (regardless of the fact that no one ever checks), stealing is rare, crime is seldom. From the minimal to major stuff, this place is truly a utopia. I always feel safe while walking the streets alone at night or getting lost in an unknown side of town. This society is characterized by good and decent people that live the simple life and are perfectly a-okay with it.

I could go on forever and ever, but that’s just to name a few. Am I really leaving this perfect place in 14 days?