The Best Wednesday of My Life

I woke up to the absolute best present this past Wednesday morning… a sunny day in Copenhagen!! And I’m not talking just sunny when you wake up and then the typical gradual shift to cloudy and rainy in the afternoon. I’m talking one of those not a cloud in the sky, 75 degrees, MUST BE OUTSIDE ALL DAY kind of days. These days are treasured by the people of Copenhagen simply because the weather here is, as I described in one of my previous posts often unpredictable, rainy, cloudy, overcast and just all around… crappy.

I hopped out of bed, rushed to open my window, and took a look outside just to make sure my morning blurry vision wasn’t fooling me. Sunny AND warm! YES! DIS doesn’t have classes on Wednesday because they’re reserved for class study tours, and thankfully I didn’t happen to have a study tour on this particular perfect day. I quickly got dressed, threw together some breakfast, packed my bag, and rushed out the door. There was no wasting time on a day like Wednesday.

A friend Allyssa and I had previously planned to meet up that day to do a Copenhagen Canal Tour and check out the harbor. I had been praying all week for it to be nice out so I could finally get some use of out my camera. We couldn’t have asked for better weather. We boarded one of the canals and set sail through the harbor. I kid you not, sitting on that boat with Allyssa in the warm sun learning about and checking out famous spots including The Black Diamond, Christiansborg Palace, and Nyhavn was the closest I’d felt to bliss in a while.

When we pulled into Nyhavn, the first thing I thought was wow this place looks so damn happy! Why don’t we have rainbow painted colored buildings like this in America? And you want to know the reason behind the multi-colored structures? Simply because the architect wanted it to look “pretty”. Well, I’d say he definitely hit that spot on. This vibrant harbor is now a very famous representation of Copenhagen and hot tourist spot.

We decided that although pricey, lunch here was a must. After walking down the harbor and reading menus (like we even had a clue as to what they actually said) we decided on a cute restaurant with a table in the sun. Hmm, what to order? Probably the hardest part of eating out anywhere here… not knowing what the heck anything means on the menu. We decided go big or go home and ordered two super traditional Danish dishes recommended by the waiter. Allyssa ordered herring on rye bread with curry, onions, hardboiled egg, and capers. I ordered traditional smørrebrød (open face sandwhiches famous to Denmark). Naturally we split them both so our taste buds could get the full picture, and lets just say there wasn’t a crumb left on either plate when we finished. Just writing about it makes me want it all over again…YUM.


After lunch, we timed the boat perfectly and hopped back on to sail the rest of the harbor. At this point it was around 3 and the sun was shedding a glimmer across the water. Allyssa and I had the time of our lives cruising through the harbor, basking in the sun, taking in some history, and being the obnoxious ones standing up every two seconds snapping a million pictures.

Unfortunately, all good things do have to come to an end and we eventually pulled back into the docking station. However for both of us, we refused to let this perfect day be over. Heading back into downtown we decided to go on a hunt for a famous pastry place that had caught my eye the very first day I was in Copenhagen. I had no idea what it was called or where it was, but I did know that it started with an “L” and had a very, VERY large and stunning selection of pastries in the window. Maybe that’s why it stuck out in my brain so much?? We went into stores and asked multiple people who had no idea what we were talking about and probably thought our desperate pursuit for pastries was pathetic, but eventually we found it! Lagkagehuset 🙂 We got three different pastries. Yes, three. And looking back I don’t feel an ounce bad about it. The first was a traditional must according to the cashier… she was totally right. Slightly sweet, yet buttery and flakey like a croissant. The second was between Allyssa and I agreeably the best brownie we had ever tasted…ever. The third was crunchy chocolate bread the cashier hooked us up with. Scoreeee! To call it all simply delicious would be an understatement.


After our pastry binge, we parted ways and I decided to walk home. Like I said before, I was determined to spend as much of this day outside as possible. On the way home I stumbled across the most beautiful, what I thought was a garden, but was actually a cemetery. I peeped curiously through an archway leading into it and stood in awe at the lavish greenery and flowers. I didn’t know it was a cemetery until a bronze, flat tombstone buried in a flowerbed caught the corner of my eye. I asked a Dane walking their dog if this was some sort of special graveyard, but she informed me that although a few famous artists had been buried there, this was a pretty normal representation of all traditional Danish cemeteries. I left that place blown away. The 40-minute walk home passed quickly after stopping in a couple stores and sitting by the scenic lake in Østerbro (my hood) to watch all the families walking together, couples sipping their coffees, and runners with their dogs.


How could a perfect afternoon like that get any better? Well, of course it did 🙂 I was almost home when a family friend, Lisbeth, who I had met through my Aunt a couple years back gave me a call to let me know she was in town and invited me to dinner. Lisbeth, her husband Don, and her friend Guri picked me up and we went to dinner in Nyhavn, my favorite rainbow harbor I went for lunch, and had a lovely dinner, which for myself included steak, fries, beer, and ice cream…perfection.

When they dropped me off that night, I was on a literal high. I wanted to tell my friends, my family, the world about my awesome day!! I had seen some of the most picturesque parts of Copenhagen, consumed some of the best and unique food I’ve ever tasted, and spent the day with truly great people. It was just what I needed and it blew every other Wednesday out of the water. It was by far the best Wednesday of my life.