It seemed like “the club” to be at last Friday night. I walked in blindly with my three girlfriends not having a clue what to expect. All we could hear was the the loud music blaring through the walls. As we entered the venue, all I could think is I had only seen places like this in the movies. The beautiful people, the posh pod seating, the lit up dance floor…let’s just say we have nothing like this in Virginia Beach, and DEFINITELY not in Burlington. As my friends and I stood in our own little circle eyeing the place and slowly sipping our drinks, we tried to talk strategy. How do we “immerse” ourselves in a situation like this? All these cool Danes partying around us with their friends while we awkwardly stand in a circle, most likely looking extra American. After feeling desperate to make some sort of move, we decided to strike up conversation with the closest table. They all looked fairly young, dressed to the tee, and ready to take on the night. They were popping champagne bottles, ordering shots, and one girl was even wearing a crown. My first thought was it must be her birthday! Maybe she’s 21? Oh oops, no drinking age. After carrying conversation with one of the Danes for a while, I decided to inquire on why exactly they were partying so hard tonight. The conversation went a little like this…

Me: “So what are you all celebrating? Is it her birthday? Some other big occasion?

Cute Dane: “Nooo, we’re celebrating her last day of high school!!!”

Me: “Wait what….”

You’re kidding. Oh yes, I remember my celebrating my senior year send off at a swanky club in a reserved seating area, with endless champagne, alcohol, and all my friends…not! I’m pretty sure it went along the lines of a tiny family cookout and maybe a beer- if I was lucky. Boy did we have a laugh over that one. Here we are, the college students in the room feeling like absolute lame-o’s amongst all these cool high schoolers. Before heading off to the dance floor with the high school graduate, he then casually added that they’d been doing this sort of “thing” since they were 14. Wow. Welcome to Denmark!