Wrapping Up

When I first got to Copenhagen, I was scared, and jet lagged, and freaked out, and confused, and literally had zero clue as to how exactly I was going to make it FOUR… Continue reading


Am I the only one that hadn’t heard of these?? According to my Dad, they were “old news”. Well, regardless of whether they were invented yesterday or a year ago…I was and still… Continue reading

We’ll be seein ya in a couple weeks! ……wait what

Yes, that is indeed what my dad said to me when getting off skype yesterday. How weird is that?! But really…I just got here yesterday. Or at least it feels like it! It’s… Continue reading

Travel break #1 and #2: Fantasy vs. Reality

I know I know! It’s been forever since I’ve last written, but I kid you not…this has by far been the absolute busiest 4 months of my life. When I’m not traveling, it’s… Continue reading

Academic- Is Traditional Journalism Doomed?

…Probably. A couple days ago in class we watched a documentary called PAGE ONE- Inside the New York Times, that offered a look into the inner workings of the New York Times and… Continue reading

Academic- Thoughts on Giddens

One aspect I find most interesting about Giddens’s perspective on structuration and the reflexive self is the idea of a constant cycle. We as human beings are not static but rather constantly moving… Continue reading


I can honestly say that from day one, I am constantly amazed at this place. Everything about Copenhagen is literally awesome. The interesting, quirky differences that constantly pop up have been the biggest… Continue reading

ACADEMIC POST- don’t get too excited.

If you’d like to read about a discussion in my social media class yesterday, go ahead and read on. I promise it’s semi-interesting. Otherwise…I advise you stop here. This past social media class… Continue reading

The Best Wednesday of My Life

I woke up to the absolute best present this past Wednesday morning… a sunny day in Copenhagen!! And I’m not talking just sunny when you wake up and then the typical gradual shift… Continue reading


It seemed like “the club” to be at last Friday night. I walked in blindly with my three girlfriends not having a clue what to expect. All we could hear was the the… Continue reading